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Gold Medallion Wines

Made from the best concentrated musts, searched and selected throughout the world, it is with all our expertise and experience that we offer you the Gold Medallion Series.

The standing quality of these musts will ensure that you proudly produce a wine of character and distinction, ready for your enjoyment in as few as five (5) weeks.

Red / White

Premium Elite Series

Vintner’s Cellar 16 Litre Premium Elite Series offers 20 wonderful varieties producing a superb finished wine with enhanced aromas along with its unique taste.
This product was developed using a high ratio of fresh juice versus concentrate.
What are the results? Excellence! Wines made from the Premium Elite Series highlight only the best that the world’s reserve has to offer. Using Vintner’s Cellar traditional and innovative techniques, the marriage of fresh juice and concentrate is guaranteed to live happily ever after! Your Premium Elite wine is ready to enjoy in six (6) weeks.

Red / White

Supreme 100% Sterile Juice Collection

Vintner’s Cellar Supreme 100% Juice Kit is, in our opinion, the pinnacle of kit winemaking. No other kit on the market can compare in terms of bouquet, body or taste.

We are proud of our continued achievements in offering this unique line. In as little as 6 to 8 weeks, you will be able to reap all the benefits that only quality fresh juice can provide.

To offer this unique line of wine kits, Vintner’s Cellar selects and stocks in their temperature-controlled refrigerators, large quantities of fresh juice arrivals during the harvest season. Through the modern technique of flash-pasteurization (H.T.S.T.), the fresh juice is then biologically stabilized (neutralizing wild yeast and bacterial flora) and is immediately packaged under aseptic conditions to insure shelf-stability of the product.

Red / White

Premium Unlimited Varietals

Experience the adventure from Down Under

These New world wines are exciting, brilliant, and full of adventure.
Coming from an unforgiving land, our Australian Boomer Wines bring you intense
flavors, traditional grape varietals produced in a “new winemaking” technology, that have made this continent famous. To “crack” open a bottle of this wine means to say good night and good morning all at the same time. No worries mate!

Taste the distinct character of Chile

Our El Solo Wines stand alone, bringing you a deep herbaceous intensity.
South American grapes remain true to form. The dark earth of this region and intense sun deepens the character of the fruit yielding wines that display amazing vine flavors, low acidity and a heavy rich body that requires a solid palate to appreciate !

Wine with distinction and greatness

These wines are part of a rare and sought after collection. The juices used in these kits are from vines over 35 years old, from the Lodi area in California. While this collection is not a limited edition, once the materials run out, it will not be available until the following year!

Drink the sun drenched grapes of Italy

Bolo Bambino Wines bring you the spirit of Italy.
This small “boot shaped” country is blessed with rich soil, excellent run-off from hills riddled with lattices of vines, fruit that ripens laughing in the Mediterranean sun.
It is here that Bolo Bambino starts its tradition from selected vineyards across Italy’s exciting expanse from as far north as the Veneto Region to the mysterious shores of Sicily.

Red / White

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Vintner’s Select Series

Proprietary Blend wine-bot
Only the finest musts available from around the world (Argentina, California, Chile and Italy) To produce our proprietary blends. There are no fillers or substitutes. Vintner’s select series is a 100% varietals juice product that will deliver wines of exceptional body. Bouquet and color. The resulting wines are sure to please the most demanding palates.

Red / White

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Fruit Wines

Our Fruit Wines offer the identical quality concentrated musts as our Gold Medallion Series.  Available in 19 wonderfully refreshing fruit flavors, it is perfect for those lazy summer days.  However, its delicate balance between fruit and wine flavors, allow for an enjoyable refreshing beverage year round!

Red / White /Zinfandel

Specialty Wines


Vintner’s Cellar Port style wine will impress the most discerning drinker.
You’ll make a port that is bursting with flavor, flavor that only our varietal fresh grape juice can continuously deliver. One taste of our Port and it reveals its multi dimensional complexity, ripe black cherries with hints of chocolate and dark roasted coffee. The flavor is matched with dark toasted French oak in order to heighten your experience.

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