About Us

We are Vintner’s Cellar…North America’s fastest growing make-your-own-wine stores and we help you create and bottle your own high quality wine.
Vintner’s Cellar has been making wine since 1993 and controls the quality of its own branded wine kits.

We start at the source.  We travel the world in search of the finest vineyards to produce the raw grape juice that will eventually become your custom made wine.  Only the finest harvests from these select vineyards are chosen, the results are juices which produce superb, premium wines vintage after vintage in as little as 5 weeks.

All you do is start your batch in the store and then come back in 5 to 6 weeks to bottle your wine.  Our store adds the expertise that comes from a family that has made winemaking their passion and love.  We take care of all the intermediate steps and we’ll even help you design your own custom label.  Imagine giving your own custom labeled wine as gifts to your clients — or serving your wine at your wedding or anniversary party.

We understand that you deserve the best in winemaking practices.  Therefore, we provide you with a very clean environment using the most advanced equipment available…glass carboys, automatic bottle washers, air corkers, reverse osmosis purified water and more…

We also ensure that each batch of your wine is recorded into our custom designed electronic database.  In this way we are able to duplicate any and all specific requests that were performed on your wine.

To be a viable and lasting “Winemaking on Premises” retailer in today’s economy, you must be on a journey – more a “work in progress” than a destination.  We are continually moving forward and you, the consumer, are the beneficiary.

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