Making Wine On Premises


Making wine at Vintner’s Cellar couldn’t be any easier or friendlier.

Step One –  Simply stop by the store and allow our expertise and experience to help assist you to       choose a variety.  Approximately 10 – 20 minutes and no appointment is necessary!

Step Two –  We prepare the grape juice for you to add the yeast.  We’ll customize it for you! Want it sweeter?  Drier?  More oak?  We can do it!    

Step Three –  We take care of all the intermediate steps – racking, degassing and filtering.  In 5 or   6 weeks we will call you to let you know your wine is ready to bottle and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you to come in.

Step Four –  You return to bottle your wine.  With our automated bottling process, a batch can be bottled in approximately 30 minutes.  Take your wine home and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

To be a viable and lasting “Winemaking on Premises” retailer in today’s economy, you must be on a journey – more a “work in progress” than a destination. We are continually moving forward and you, the consumer, are the beneficiary.

Making Wine at Home

Are you a Home Winemaker?

Would you like to experience the joy and satisfaction from making your own wine with the identical high quality products that we use in our Custom Winery?  Then Vintner’s Cellar is the place for you to visit or call.

Whatever your taste preference or budget may be, we can provide the wine kit you desire at a very affordable price.  In addition we also can equip you with all the winemaking supplies and accessories required to facilitate your home winemaking experience.

Stop by and purchase your wine kit to go today!



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